Resilience | Anxiety in Adolescence

Event details

  • Thursday | January 31, 2019 to Friday | February 1, 2019

Resilience | Anxiety in Adolescence
Thursday 31st January | 7:30pm
Holy Trinity Church Hall

An evening primarily for parents, but also for youth leaders, teachers, carers and family members.
Youthscape from England will be helping to facilitate this evening (in association with Big House and Mark Kernohan).

‘Anxiety in Adolescence’ not only highlights the pressures that young people are facing today, but also key methods of support. It covers the area of exam related anxiety and transition, giving practical advice and measures we can use to support young people and that they can put in place to manage these times of year more effectively.

During the evening we will explore, anxiety disorder, indicators of anxiety in young people, and how to respond to the culture of perfectionism and fear of failure and practical advice around exam anxiety.

Resilience is important for a number of reasons; it enables us to develop mechanisms for protection against experiences, which could be overwhelming, it helps us to maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods of time, and can also protect us from the development of some mental health problems.

You’re invited, invite others.