Seapatrick Parish can trace its history back to the 5th century when tradition recounts that St Patrick camped overnight on his journey from Downpatrick to Armagh. Christian worship has been offered in the area since then.

St. Patrick’s Church, Seapatrick was the original Parish Church, and remains of this previous building can be seen in the graveyard adjacent to St. Patrick’s Church. As Banbridge began to grow in population, there was a need for a new Parish Church and the new relocated Parish Church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity was consecrated on its current site in Banbridge on 7th November 1837.

In 1880 in Seapatrick the nearby disused schoolhouse was refurbished into a Chapel of Ease seating 100 people and dedicated to St Patrick. St Patrick’s Church was consecrated for worship in 1882 and has maintained this tradition of worship in Seapatrick with a weekly service ever since.

In 1883 it became necessary to enlarge the new Holy Trinity Parish Church in Banbridge. Its roof was raised six feet and transepts added to accommodate 800 people. In 1887, on the Church’s 50th anniversary, the Bishop confirmed 300 young people. This remains a record for the diocese. Building work has continued to modern day as we seek to restore and preserve the church for future generations. In 2010 the crooked spire was straightened, a not inconsiderable task raising £200,000 in one year, and less than 11 months later the money was raised, the building work was complete.

Today the Parish of Seapatrick continues to look to the future and grow in strength as it seeks to build upon and seek new ways to grow in God’s love and share it with others.