Child’s Play Pizza & Eggroll

Watch and learn how to cook our childs play pizza and eggroll recipes

3,2,1 Child’s Play Pizza!

3 large heaped tablespoons Self raising flour or Soda bread flour or Plain flour + 1teasp Baking Powder

2 tablespoons Natural yogurt

1 tablespoon oil (garlic oil optional)

Tomato or roast red pepper pesto

Toppings – sliced red onion, handful of fresh/ frozen mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn.
Encourage children to eat a rainbow of coloured vegetables on their pizza.

Grated cheese – cheddar or mozzarella or 1 sliced mozzarella ball

Sprinkle of smoked paprika/ crushed chilies/ Italian seasoning optional.

1 Heat a large pan, dusted with flour over a medium heat

2. In a bowl mix the flour, yogurt and oil to a soft dough ball.

3. Wear long sleeves to protect your arms place the dough into the hot pan, sprinkle with flour and press out roughly to fit the pan.  Allow to cook for 5 mins on underside. Place a large plate over the pizza base and flip over, returning it to the pan with the cooked side up.

4. Return to the heat to cook underside of the base. Spread the cooked side thinly with pesto, add the toppings, cheese and sprinkle lightly with optional herbs and spices/drizzle with oil.

5. Cook under a hot grill for few minutes until cheese melts.

If you are making 2 pizzas (or more) make all the dough in one lot, divide it and as you cook each pizza, transfer it to a plate/tray and keep it warm at 100C oven until all are ready to serve.

If you have a smaller pan replaces the tablespoon with a smaller dessert spoon to make a smaller pizza.


  • Food cost for the ‘321’ 10 inch pizza is less than £1  depending on topping compared to £9 for the average 10 inch takeaway pizza.
  • Each ‘321’ pizza saves you £8 X 52 weeks  =  £416 per year on ONE fresh made pizza!
  • If you spend £20 per week on takeaway or buy lunch for 5 days per week at £4 per day  = £1040. So what would you do it you had a spare £1000? 

Crispy Egg roll wraps 

Optional Handful of fresh/ frozen mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn  etc

2 eggs seasoned with salt and pepper and crushed chillies

Handful of grated cheese

1 wrap – plain, seeded, herb, wholemeal

1. Soften vegetables of choice in a pan with little oil. Pour on the egg mix to make a very thin omelette round about the same size as the wrap.

2. Add the cheese to the setting egg mix and press wrap on top to seal to egg. Cook for a few minutes until there is no runny egg. Turn over and cook on the wrap side for couple of minutes to toast it. Remove from pan and allow to cool slightly before rolling up. Slice diagonally into 3.