Easter greetings from Maridi Diocese

Believing in the resurrection means believing in the impossible. Easter Greetings from Your brothers and sisters from the Diocese of Maridi.

The power of Christ’s resurrection is enough to subdue the difficult times and moments in our history. Accept the warm greetings from your brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Maridi.

It is with a great sense of humility that I extend love and Easter greetings to you and your families hoping that you are all doing well in the Lord.

The resurrection of Jesus gives us the strength that we need. Mary Magdalene is the focus of my Easter message from John 20:11–18. Mary Magdalene was a disciple who loves Jesus from the bottom of her heart because of the love, compassion and mercy Christ showed to her in the course of life. She was the first to meet Jesus after resurrection. Amidst her unbelief, loss of direction, grieve and despair, Christ gave her strength and Directions.

When Mary Magdalene finally overcame her unbelief, her strength and joy were renewed. God gives strength to his people. Believing in the resurrection means believing in the impossible. And if faith gives you the power to believe the impossible, you can do anything God wants you to do.

The resurrection of Jesus gives us strength because in it we see that God can overcome every hardship the world can throw at us. God is so powerful that what looks like a suffering turns out to be a blessing.

It was that way with the crucifixion and resurrection for Mary. It is that way with all the things we fear today. Our tears will be wiped away, and God will give us laughter instead.

This is the day of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It gives us strength to live, to believe, and the power to live forever.

Christ is risen: He is risen indeed. Alleluia. Amen.