Psalm 27

Psalm 27, one of the readings for today, encourages us to look to God and trust in Him. As is the case with many of the Psalms he has written, David’s in trouble, he’s facing challenges and difficulties. However, even in the midst of these challenges and difficulties, in verse 1, he declares, David has a relationship with God which gives him confidence and hope, his faith in God helps him overcome his fears.

In verse 5, David affirms his belief that there would be challenges and difficulties, but he had the assurance that God would be with him to help and sustain him.

In the final verses, David reaffirms his confidence in God and encourages himself to wait on the Lord, to trust in the Lord, to be brave and courageous.

In these days of uncertainty, may we draw encouragement and hope from this Psalm. May we, through faith in Christ as our Saviour, truly know the Lord as our light and salvation. I pray that you will know His presence and peace in the challenges and difficulties of these times, and as we wait on the Lord and trust in the Lord, I encourage you ‘to devote yourselves to prayer.’