Read the Word

During July and August we will be continuing to journey through the Old Testament. In July we will read the story of Ruth, whose loyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi, led her to the land of Judah, where she became part of the genealogy of the House of David. We continue on into the book of 1 Samuel where we read of the birth of Samuel, his dedication to God by his mother, Hannah, and of Samuel’s own response to God’s call to serve Him. We read of wars with surrounding nations and of the people’s desire for a king to rule over them. Saul is anointed and fights the Philistines alongside his son, Jonathan, until his rejection by God and the eventual anointing of David as King.
In August, through the books of 2 Samuel and 1 Kings, we continue the story of David and the Kings who followed him, ending the month by exploring the wisdom of Proverbs.

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Please get involved, as together, we seek to grow in our relationship with God and develop and deepen our relationship with Him.